Yard-At-A-Time Concrete Ltd.

The YAAT project was a project built from the ground up to provide the client with a brand new custom WordPress site. The project has an emphasis on implementing industry best practice conversion techniques, and creating paths of least resistance to the user. We achieved this goal for the client with a solid phase 1 plan focusing on the site’s information architecture providing easy to use top level navigation, internal page breadcrumb links, and the use of calls to action to important aspects of the site such as the quote form and testimonials.

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  • Improve site architecture to boost conversion and interaction on the site.
  • Improving site design with an enhanced user interface for an intuitive experience.
  • Create a back-end experience that is both scalable and easy to manage by the client.
  • Implement security measures to protect client and user data, and loss of site data.
  • Branded payment solution. Customers of our client have the ability to make pre-payments and sign contracts on the site. The client has the ability to create and send invoices in the back end.

Architecture and Wireframing

Yard-At-A-Time Concrete is the Lower Mainland’s trusted supplier of quality ready-mix concrete for over 30 years. They pride themselves in a high quality product with old fashioned service. While they had an impressive track record of good reviews, outstanding service, and good customer relations, their old site was not showcasing this well.

The main drive for this project was to leverage three decades worth of commitment to a quality product. We wanted this to stand out as a feature to increase credibility from the moment you land on the site. We also wanted to focus on an architecture that allowed for clear user paths to both useful information and pages meant to convert. We achieved this through a variety of call’s to action on page, improved header menus, and sidebar and breadcrumb navigation.

High Fidelity Mockups

The new site design utilizes the company’s prestigious logo blue. We wanted to create something that looked modern and polished, while conveying a feeling of reliability and sturdiness to the user. We reinforced this idea through our font and imagery choices. We also aimed to create slice designs that were unique and fit the exact need of specific slices.

We designed payment pages to be unique to reduce visual clutter and give the user a feeling of what you see is what you get. This allows the user to concentrate fully on the task at hand, and gives them a sense of peace of mind knowing there is no hidden gimmicks. A payment page should feel secure and safe.


Development of the YAAT project was done following Ascent Digital’s core value of keeping it simple. This mantra is repeated through most of the development process. Whether it is deciding how something should function on the front end, or how data should be inputted by the user on the back end, it should be easy, this project was no different.

The site is built with WordPress as a custom theme tailored to Yard-At-A-Time Concrete. The code is highly efficient, and our programmers use industry best practices when it comes to speed optimization, utilizing powerful programming methodologies such as AJAX to increase speed. This results in Google page speed scores in the high 90’s or perfect 100’s for every page. The code structure is also built with best practice SEO in mind, ensuring even without additional SEO work, the site will be in a good place. Finally the site is polished with fancy scroll and hover animations for a site that is fun to interact with.

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