Fraserway Prekast

Fraserway Prekast

Fraserway Prekast has a long legacy of customer focused manufacturing that has allowed them to thoughtfully grow their product offerings into a wide array of projects ranging from residential precast concrete products to large complicated custom structural precast products.

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  • Overhaul the site’s information architecture to make products and important areas of the site easier to navigate and promote strong conversion
  • Separate blog posts and portfolio items into two post types to better show off previous work the company has done and improve credibility
  • Implement a careers section to allow job applications to be submitted online

Architecture and Wireframing

The previous site’s architecture could often be confusing or disjointed. To make sure information flow was smooth and the user never felt lost on the page, we started this project with a complete information architecture overhaul. We provided a strong plan and wireframes to guide the design of the new site.

High Fidelity Mockups

The client had a branding overhaul since their last website was developed and wanted the new design to better reflect their brand.

To achieve this we worked with the client to review other websites to find aspects that they liked and disliked.

What we ended up with is a sleek looking modern design that showcases the companies trustworthy and professional qualities.


Development of the Fraserway Prekast project was done following Ascent Digital’s core value of keeping it simple. This mantra is repeated through most of the development process. Whether it is deciding how something should function on the front end, or how data should be inputted by the user on the back end, it should be easy, this project was no different.

The site is built with WordPress as a custom theme tailored to raserway Prekast’s needs. The code is highly efficient, and our programmers use industry best practices when it comes to speed optimization, utilizing powerful programming methodologies such as AJAX to increase speed. This results in Google page speed scores in the high 90’s or perfect 100’s for every page. The code structure is also built with best practice SEO in mind, ensuring even without additional SEO work, the site will be in a good place. Finally the site is polished with fancy scroll and hover animations for a site that is fun to interact with.

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