Free Site Audit

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If you are interested in seeing how your site holds up in terms of conversion, speed optimization, functionality, design, information architecture, device / browser testing and search engine optimization, take a minute to fill out our free site audit form. A web expert will review your site and send you a a no obligation report with tips tailored to your site.

Speed optimization

We test your site on various platforms to get a holistic picture of your site’s speed. This allows us to pinpoint the exact issues, and recommend solutions. Our team has helped speed optimize hundred of sites, from small brochure websites to large eCommerce catalogs with a complex set of data.

Design review

Is your site built to convert? Or does it just look flashy? We look at your information hierarchy, UX /UI, and user flow, to determine any pain points that may exist between your customers and the action you want to get them to complete.

Device & browser testing

We test your site on various browsers and devices with a North American use rate greater than 1%. This allows us to test for any bugs in layout on different screen sizes and browsers. Any broken layout or UI issues can result in decreased conversions, high bounce rate and lowered perceived credibility.


We evaluate your site’s code structure to see where improvements may be made. This allows search engines to index your site according to context, and produces better results in search ranking.

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