Ascent Digital is a remote web agency based out of Vancouver, but with employees scattered around the province. We specialize in CMS and eCommerce development, and pride ourselves in a 100% Canadian grown product. No outsourcing.

Remote Agency

Our agency is operated 100% remotely. This allows us to have less overhead, and charge a more affordable rate. Our employees are based in the city, and the woods, Vancouver and Tofino BC.

Our values

On the business side, we strive to do all work with integrity, we do what we say we are going to do and maintain a high standard for technical and creative work. On a personal level, our goal is to connect with our clients in a friendly “treat others as you wish to be treated” approach, and give back what we can to our community.

Take me to your leader

Hi, I’m Liam, a former surf instructor turned programmer. My time teaching surfing helped me to hone my abilities as a leader, nurtured my craving for empathetic connection, and allowed me to explore and travel. I see this time as invaluable for my career as a Developer. My ability to communicate effectively with my team comes directly from skills gained during my time spent sharing my love for surfing with others.

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